Sightseeing, Culture and Shopping

Top places in Bolzano you shall visit

In a region with overwhelming nature, it is easy to forget about about a cultural event or a shopping trip. But please think twice!

Don’t leave Bolzano without entering the cathedral or one of the other imposing churches. For those of you interested in archeology, a visit to Otzi the Iceman will definitely be a highlight. It’s a museum centered around one of the most well-preserved natural mummies being more than 5.000 years old.

Shop for local produce at Piazza Erbe, a daily market on one of Bolzano’s most picturesque squares.

Alternatively, look out for one of the many farmers markets happening in the summer months in many towns and villages. The one in Bressanone usually takes place on Mondays while the one in Chiusa is on Thursdays. For the region’s typical cured ham - called Speck - and other cold cut delicacies shop at Windegger in Bolzano or Siebenförcher in Bressanone.

If you are not to tired from an exhausting day in nature you can use this website filtering for “music” or “theatre” to schedule your perfect evening program.

Daniel Vikoler